Become a Certified Reseller

Use this form to obtain Certified Reseller status (required to sell leased/subscription licenses). Your company must already be signed up with us a registered reseller to do so. - Answer the questions below (all fiels are required). Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page once you have answered all questions. -- Write to [email protected] in case of problems.

Please turn to the ATLAS.ti Reseller Guide for information.


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(1) How can you place an order for ATLAS.ti?

  1. True False Through the ATLAS.ti web site
  2. True False By phone directly from ATLAS.ti GmbH
  3. True False By phone or fax from cleverbridge AG
  4. True False Through the ATLAS.ti Support Center

(2) How do you obtain a written quote before ordering?

  1. True False You cannot obtain a quote.
  2. True False By phone, from cleverbridge AG
  3. True False By phone, from ATLAS.ti GmbH
  4. True False Online, by going through the ordering section of the ATLAS.ti web site

(3) Where can you find prices for all available ATLAS.ti products?

  1. True False Online from the ATLAS.ti web site, under "Order"
  2. True False By email, from the ATLAS.ti Support
  3. True False By phone, from ATLAS.ti GmbH
  4. True False By phone, from cleverbridge AG

(4) What currencies can I use to pay for ATLAS.ti?

  1. True False USD only
  2. True False USD, EUR only
  3. True False USD, EUR, and GBP only
  4. True False Over 30 currencies. A full list is displayed in the online shopping cart.

(5) From the ATLAS.ti product catalog, the following license types are NOT available to resellers:

  1. True False Student licenses
  2. True False Subscription/Lease licenses (Certified Resellers only!)
  3. True False Educational licenses
  4. True False Regular/commercial licenses
  5. True False Single-User upgrades
  6. True False Campus licenses (Certified Resellers only!)

(6) Prices for all ATLAS.ti licenses include

  1. True False No support included
  2. True False Technical support
  3. True False Updates, service packs, and upgrades to minor program versions
  4. True False Updates, service packs, and upgrades to major program versions (full maintenance)

(7) The following individuals and organizations are / are not eligible for (discounted) ATLAS.ti Educational Licenses:

  1. True False Accredited educational organizations are eligible for educational (discounted) licenses.
  2. True False Members of accredited educational organizations are eligible for educational (discounted) licenses.
  3. True False Non-profit organizations are not typcially eligible for educational (discounted) licenses.
  4. True False Government organizations are not eligible for educational (discounted) licenses.
  5. True False Students of accredited educational instiitutions may qualify for specially priced student licenses (after credential check)

(8) If you sell an educational license, what proof of eligibility is required of the user/end customer?

  1. True False The customer must show written proof of eligibility prior to purchase.
  2. True False Showing written proof prior to purchase is not required, but the reseller must make reasonably sure that a customer meets the requirements of an officially accredited educational institution as stated in the ATLAS.ti Educational Terms and Conditions
  3. True False The reseller needs to make customers aware of the special educational terms and conditions.
  4. True False The reseller is responsible to ATLAS.ti GmbH for educational discounts granted without merit if he failed to inform the customer of the ATLAS.ti terms and conditions.

(9) As a reseller, whose contact data should you always enter as "licensee" when ordering a license?

  1. True False Your own name and address
  2. True False Name and address of the end customer
  3. True False Name and address of ATLAS.ti GmbH

(10) If you enter your own name and address as "licensee" instead of your customer:

  1. True False The customer will not be able to make use of updates, support services, special offers, future upgrades
  2. True False Customers will rightfully complain
  3. True False You will have to *purchase* the upgrades from us that the customer would have received for free but did not receive because of false contact data.
  4. True False That's OK, there will be no consequences.

(11) Leased licenses/license subscriptions, general

  1. True False You must designate one (and only one) contact person responsible for all aspects of ordering, billing, and communication in regard to leased license purchases.
  2. True False The annual bill will be sent to your customer, not to you. So you don’t have to care about anything else after the first order is done.
  3. True False The annual bill will be sent to YOU, not your customer. It is therefore in your own interest (and your own responsibility) to bill your customer in a timely manner.
  4. True False Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions of ATLAS.ti are NOT binding for your customer.

(12) Leased licenses/license subscriptions, termination

  1. True False At the end of the year, the lease license runs out automatically. You don’t have to actively cancel it.
  2. True False The lease license is automatically renewed each year and must be actively cancelled. We require prior notice to cancellation of a product lease. You should contact your customer in time for the next billing cycle in order to avoid "getting stuck" with the bill.
  3. True False A lease license is terminated just at that time when your cancellation notification has been received by us and will be billed exactly at that time.
  4. True False A license lease is officially considered terminated when your cancellation notification has been received by us within the stipulated time-frame (six weeks prior to expiration date).
  5. True False Your cancellation notification must contains the license key or the purchase ref. number of the license in question.
  6. True False Your subscription is considered active as long you didn’t actively and in time terminate it, and you are billed accordingly, even if your customer has properly cancelled the subscription with you.

(13) Resellers are expressly prohibited to

  1. True False Sell student licenses
  2. True False Rent, lease or lend the software (with the exception of specific Lease Licenses)
  3. True False Register a license to their own name or the name of their company
  4. True False Create custom installer packages without the written permission of ATLAS.ti GmbH
  5. True False Bundle or integrate ATLAS.ti with other software products without written permission