Verify Your Student Status

Student License

Please send the following documents:

  1. A facsimile of your valid and current student ID, clearly stating current enrollment as a full-time student at an officially accredited institution of higher education*
  2. A facsimile of a second, official ID or passport, containing a photo and with matching name(s)*

* Be sure that your student ID shows an expiration date or indicates in some other way that your enrollment is indeed current. If current enrollment is not absolutely clear from your student ID, please send an alternative form of proof instead (e.g., registration slip). -- Include an English translation (informal) if in a language other than English, French, Italian, Spanish or German.

Applications submitted without these accompanying documents will not be processed. Documents are also required for license extensions.

Please fill out all fields below. Your order cannot be processed otherwise.
In particular, make sure to provide an accurate and current email address.

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NOTE: Please use your university address if you have one. Avoid using Google mail addresses in this field--notifications are frequently misidentified by Google as spam by and thus never delivered. - If you have not received a notification after approx. three work days, contact our Support Team

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Privacy notice: Documents that you submit to us will only be used for the stated purpose, i.e. to verify your qualification for a student license. They will be stored and transmitted securely, and will be deleted after use, in full compliance with GDPR laws. They will not be shared with any third party. Also, you are free (and encouraged) to redact any sensitive portions as you see fit.